About Us is a sustainable marketing platform that aims to help people raise capital for personal use or any business of their choice. We provide people with opportunity to take advantage of the internet and turn it into a stream of income.

Join Vrend today!

We provide people with opportunity to take advantage of the internet and turn it into a stream of income.

Enjoy Swift Payment

No need to wait till the end of the month. You can request for withdrawal anytime, any day!

No special task involved

You need not to complete a level or task before you get paid!

Massive Spillovers

Enjoy massive spillovers from your up and downlines even if you don’t refer!

How It Works

How to register:

  • Contact a coupon vendor
  • Pay the registration fee (0.000472Btc) through bank transfer or through wallet transfer,
  • Complete the registration using the coupon code

How to earn:

You get credited with 0.0002359BTC instantly for Direct Referal I.e when someone registers through you.

Even without referral, you also earn through spillover, a value of 0.000023BTC for each. Minimum of 1 to 10 times a day. Which means, you can have a spillover bonus of 10*0.000023BTC

How to withdraw

You can withdraw straight to your bank account or to your BTC wallet. You go to your dashboard and apply for withdrawal, inputing the details for withdrawing into your bank account or your BTC wallet.



A smart phone.
Access to the internet.
Bank account to withdraw your money.

Frequently asked questions

You earn in 2 major ways

  • By inviting people to the website
  • Spillovers

Spillover is the bonus given to members everyday.

No, this isn’t allowed in the system. You can open as many accounts as you desire with the same bank account details but not with the same username and email address.

To register, click here, make sure you input your correct details as well as your coupon code( which will be provided by a vendor after a successful payment. To contact any of our coupon code vendors, click here.)

A unique code used during registration.

A coupon code costs 0.000472BTC only. purchase a coupon code, contact any of our verified coupon vendors here.

There is no limit to how much you can earn on vrend

You can withdraw any day, any time.

Our payment is instant, however, processing can take up to 24 to 48 hours(at max). Users can lodge a complaint via our dedicated customer service centre only when 48 hours duration has been exceeded and payment for successful withdraw has not been made.

To change your password, click on forgot password on the sign up page and input your valid email address. A recovery would be sent to you. If not visible on your primary mail, kindly check your spam folder.

Contact Us

If you have any unresolved questions and/or inquries, please use the form below.